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Soft Sailors Knit -Altarosa

Soft Sailors Knit -Altarosa

Wonderfully soft sailor's knit fabric with a chunky square knit pattern! 

The perfect fabric for cardigans, light sweaters, dresses, home accessories and many other homemade treasures.

Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

Width: approx. 140.0 cm

Weight: 400g/m2

Washable up to 30° C on a gentle cycle

Dry cleaning possible

Not suitable for the dryer

Do not bleach

All fabrics are sold by the 1/4 yard. An order of 1 is equal to .25 yards, 2 is equal to .50 yards, 3 is equal to .75 yards and 4 is equal to 1 yard. Orders greater than 1 will be cut continuously. 

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