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About Us

Are you constantly being let down by the knit selection? I had the exact same problem. I noticed a definite gap in the knit market in Canada.

You could find knits, but it was very hard to find readily available quality knits. So that is where I began.

My name is Rochelle and I created Bibs And Boots Fabric. This is the place where you will find those quality knits that you have been searching for. Knits from North America, Europe, Asia and all over the world. If they are of superior quality, I definitely want to carry them and sew with them. 

I am Mom to two grown children Arielle and Ayden and wife to a hard working farmer Blair. We live on a grain farm in West Central Saskatchewan, and there is no where else we would rather be. 

Welcome to Bibs And Boots Fabric. 

If you need to reach us please reach out to info@bibsandbootsfabric.com

Happy Shopping,