DIY Bag Sewing Kit - Bunny Friends - Bibs And Boots Fabric
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DIY Bag Sewing Kit - Bunny Friends

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Wonderful sewing set for sewing yourself a great motif bag with a cool rabbit face with sunglasses and striped handles.

The rabbit's face measures about 33.0cm x 24.5cm.

The cut is printed directly on about 70.0cm x 200.0cm fabric and only needs to be cut out and sewn. It is very light and also great for beginners.
Included in your set: motif bag cut approx. 70.0cm x 200.0cm

Material: 100% cotton
Bag size: approx. 42.5cm x 42.5cm
Handle size: approx. 5.0cm x 78.0cm

The fabrics of abby and me are printed in Germany/Hamburg :)

The instructions for your bag can be found directly on the motif bag cut. You can put them into Google translate and sew away!

A lot of fun sewing!

You can also find the directions online here:

Copy and paste them into google translate or use your browser translator.