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Anaise, Lillestoff Organic Jersey

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Made of 95% cotton, from controlled organic cultivation. 5% elastane makes me stretchy. With a width of 1.50 meters, This jersey offers a lot of creative freedom. And with 200 g weight per m², its not too thin and ideal for sewing projects such as T-shirts, leggings, loose pants, bloomers and dresses.

Best when you wash at 30 degrees on the easy-care washing program. Use commercially available detergents, but  don't like fabric softener at all. If you want to wash it particularly softly, you can put a little splash of household vinegar in the detergent compartment. It's best to wash  with laundry that is similar in color. Do not use the dryer. If you pay attention to all of this, you will enjoy this fabric for a long time to come. 
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