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Babyville Boutique - Boutique Stud Post - 100 Stud Posts/Sockets/2 Dies

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Babyville Boutique Post Stud for Double-Sided Snaps


  • Prong snaps are perfect for snapping together multiple layers of diaper soakers, baby quiet book pages, toddler, home decor and craft projects requiring multiple snap together configurations.
  • Use with size 20 snaps to make double-sided snaps. Apply with Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers and included die.
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry on medium heat. Do not bleach.



  1. Apply Babyville Boutique cap and socket to first layer.
  2. Insert die in pliers. Apply post stud and socket to next layer with stud facing first socket.
  3. Apply Babyville Boutique cap and stud to last layer.
  4. For additional layers, use post stud and socket on each layer.