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Stoffonkel is a well-known German GOTS textile producer. The brand is famous for wonderful organic fabrics - produced under strict ecological and social conditions. The assortment includes beautiful printed fabrics and quality you will be proud of.  Products are elastic and durable, organic. 

Stoffonkel fabrics are used to sew a great variety of clothes (pants, dresses, chemises, skirts, etc.) and home interior items. Different prints are offered in our line. So, look through the offered options to pick suitable Stoffonkel fabric. We are excited to bring these gorgeous German fabrics to our Canadian fabric store.

organic jersey baustelle blue curacao , by stoffonkel
organic jersey elephant staubgrun, by stoffonkel
organic jersey pucky, by stoffonkel
organic jersey parklife, by stoffonkel
organic jersey woodland friends, by stoffonkel
organic hibiscus rosa jersey by stoffonkel
macadamia stripes jersey by stoffonkel
ants at work jersey by stoffonkel
farming organic jersey by stoffonkel
organic goldflieger jersey by stoffonkel
organic hibiscus wasserblau jersey by stoffonkel