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Rib Knits

Ribbed fabric is a voluminous knitted material. This name unites a whole family of products that have volumetric stripes. It doesn't matter what this detail looks like: it can be thicker, thinner, or barely noticeable.

Rib knit fabric is always in demand and used in home textiles and clothing. It is a velvety and soft fabric to touch. Indispensable, it is always in demand for fashion. The tissue stretches perfectly and fits the figure beautifully.

Buy high-quality ribbed cotton jersey fabric right here on the Bibs And Boots Fabric website and create beautiful stylish outfits.

marissa mint green rib jersey, oeko tex certified by swafing
mia, rippjersey stripes, denim blue by swafing
summer flowers & dandelions rib knit by swafing
leo sandstorm rib knit, tygdrommar
nelly rusty rib knit, tygdrommar
ella rib knit, tygdrommar
nelly blue rib knit, tygdrommar
naomi rib knit, tygdrommar
sweet floral sandstorm rib knit, tygdrommar
nelly - plum rib knit, tygdrommar
autumn floral beige, rib knit by family fabrics
autumn elements, rib knit by family fabrics
forest animals color, rib knit by family fabrics
daisy crown, rib knit by family fabrics
wild flowers blue, rib knit by family fabrics
vintage floral, rib knit
sunflower sand rib knit, tygdrommar
moroccan ribbing 2x2 bamboo cotton
bali hai ribbing 2x2 bamboo cotton
nugget ribbing 2x2 bamboo cotton
soft sun ribbing 2x2 bamboo cotton
charcoal mix ribbing 2x2 bamboo cotton
93 results