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Family Fabrics

Family Fabrics is truly a Dutch family business, founded by two sisters, Marijke and Lieke, and their brother Leendert. Family Fabrics wants to share their passion and love for fabrics and prints and makes it available to everyone. Now you can also experience the Family Fabrics feeling!

It all started as a dream. From scratch by making baby clothes at home with fabrics that could be better; better in design, better in quality and better in the variety of designs.

From searching for the best fabrication until making designs that would suit the whole family. And so the name Family Fabrics was born…..

Family Fabrics became a professional company with a team of 20 people, having their own warehouse and office with production facilities in Friesland (The Netherlands) and being a distributor of fabrics worldwide.

autumn floral beige, rib knit by family fabrics
autumn elements, rib knit by family fabrics
berry branches, family fabrics jersey
forest animals color, rib knit by family fabrics
daisy crown, rib knit by family fabrics
wild flowers blue, rib knit by family fabrics
vintage floral, rib knit
sunrise sand, family fabrics jersey
monkeys sky, family fabrics jersey
leopard spots tiny sand, family fabrics jersey
wild flowers blue, family fabrics jersey
eukalyptus christiane zielinski, family fabrics jersey
boho flower, family fabrics jersey
wild lemons, family fabrics jersey
little hearts, family fabrics jersey
hydrangea butterflies, family fabrics jersey
dried small flowers, family fabrics jersey
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