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At Allgots the people, the environment and to contribute to sustainable development, are the most important things. Being able to give the customer a choice to consume consciously, is the basic idea for us.
They have chosen to direct us to a concept where all of their textiles are organic and non-toxic.
Their entire manufacturing process is carefully and thoroughly selected. All production takes place in Europe and they have only one route from manufacturing to their warehouse.

They are inspired by everything from old boxes, garden festivities, outing to the zoo, clothes shops, children's rooms, napkins, yes, everything that comes within their field of vision has become the building blocks of their motives. They usually work on the basis of more peaceful, earthy and muted colors, as a contrast for all colorful things in the textile world. Their idea is that all Allgots fabrics are suited both for children and adults.

We hope you will like them and their  concepts and we welcome you to the world of wonderful Allgots Fabrics